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Parental Control Software

Parental control software doesn’t replace the relationship and conversations you need to have with your child before they get into trouble, or after the fact – it can only help to track, diagnose and prescribe the next steps.

Please ensure that you create a cellphone contract between you and your child. This is an agreement of use and outlines their responsibilites, your responsibilities and holds them accountable should things go wrong. It is the basis for some serious conversation before you send them out into the world with a powerful, sophisticated device while their brains are still immature. Download my cellphone contract here.

Let’s help our children make better choices online earlier. What will you child’s future-self thank you for?

Klikd App is an interactive app giving tweens and teens their SOCIAL MEDIA LICENSE: all the skills and knowledge they need to use social media successfully, safely, and happily

Gryphon is great for set-and-forget home wifi management. Ideal for children under 8 years of age who have no mobile devices.

Bark is ideal for families with children over 8 years of age with phones/mobile devices who will be using out of home wifi. Its USP is its integrated social media management controls.

In an ideal world, you should use both Bark and Gryphon even though there will be some overlap. If you purchase Klikd, please engage with it yourself and have conversations with your child. Don’t think that just because you have purchased it, your child is safer. Digital safety is a family affair.

The Klikd App Reimagining Cyber Safety Education

A brand new approach to cyber safety education.

Screens are here to stay and we need to find ways to keep our screenagers safe, responsible and happy online, without the fight! The Klikd app equips your kids and teens to navigate the digital world successfully, without resorting to fear-mongering and screen-time battles.

Klikd covers everything from:

  • how to manage tricky people online
  • cyberbullying
  • online reputation
  • phone addiction
  • and so much more

Online chat simulations

Our immersive online chats based on real-life online scenarios, give tw/eens an immersive learning experience which makes them think “this could actually happen to me!”

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Take your Digital Parenting to the next level with Gryphon® Guardian. Your Gryphon® Router will replace your existing WiFi Router and with the companion App, give you full control of your Internet. The Parental Control Features allow you to Pause the Internet, Set Homework Times (when online distractions are not available) Set Time Limits, and much more

Manage Internet Access Across ALL Devices, Smart TV’s, Gaming Consoles, Tablets and Phones within the GryphonConnect App

  • Set Bedtimes / Homework Times
  • Limit social media / Online Games
  • Content Filtering with Crowd Ranking
  • View Browsing History
  • Enforce Safe Search and Youtube
  • Block / Unblock Websites Anywhere
  • Suspend Internet Access

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Bark is the most comprehensive monitoring tool trusted by parents and approved by schools. It will give you an extra pair of senses to help you keep track of your children’s online activity.

  • Detects potential risks 24/7 and preserves children’s privacy
  • Monitors an unlimited number of children and accounts while saving you time
  • Alerts you to issues along with next steps to help address them
  • Filter inappropriate content
  • Manage screen time
  • Monitor social media

Bark monitors 4 x more platforms than any other tool for predators, adult content, sexting, cyberbullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, drug use, & more.

  • Download the Bark app to all your family member’s devices (iOS and Android)
  • Set up your child’s device limits and connect their social media accounts

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