Parenting on the Run®

A poignant, fun and interactive workshop

parenting on the run

A poignant, fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life balance. Discover how to stay connected to your children despite your busyness through the art of being truly present.

Parents today are busy. Being able to parent creatively – on the run – makes your parenting journey easier and much more fun. Come and learn how to cheat time in this interactive one and a half hour workshop. Leave armed with dozens of practical ideas for converting what you would normally consider wasted time with your children, into quality time. Nikki Bush will show you how time spent in the car, doing household activities or waiting for appointments can be so valuable to both you and your child. She will also include her ever-popular suggestions on toys to pack for travelling, or when you are simply on the run. Connecting and communicating your child can be so easy.

Come and discover:

  • The art of how to be really present
  • Why it’s important to connect with your child regardless of how busy you are
  • How to cheat time
  • How to convert “wasted time” with your children into “quality time”
  • Dozens of practical ideas of how to create quality time moments with your children when you are on the run
  • How to read your children’s needs better
  • How important it is to fill your own emotional cup to be able to keep filling theirs
  • How to drop your parental guilt to be more focused and perform better both at home and at work
  • How the need to discipline is directly related to the kind of attention you give your child
  • Work-life integration skills and ideas

This workshop can be customised. If the audience is not just made up of parents in a work setting, it will be renamed Connecting on the Run and the content will be targeted accordingly.


Your “Parenting on the run” workshop was extremely well received by the attending women, many of whom provided positive feedback and felt that they had gained useful insight into how they might spend guilt free quality time with their kids. I believe they benefited from knowing that they are not alone. Thank you for your entertaining and enriching contribution to our women’s group.

Lulu de Beer , MBD Credit Solutions, Managing Executive: Business Solutions Unit

Thank you for agreeing to make the special effort to come and give your talks, Future Proof Your Child and Parenting on the Run, to our parents and teachers on a public holiday! Parents and teachers alike not only so enjoyed the talks but all came away empowered and encouraged! No small feat in our present day world. Sharing your own parenting experiences and your down to earth, practical advice delivered in a real and humorous way, meant that we could all indentify, and where necessary, laugh and cry with you. In the midst of doom and gloom for the future of our techno age children, people came away not only with a ray of hope glimmering in their hearts but re-energised to reconnect with their children in meaningful and fun ways even in waiting rooms and on car journeys.

Jane Forbes, HOD Junior Primary, Clifton School, Nottingham Road, KZN

Thank you for an amazing morning. It was very special to have you as a keynote speaker for our preschool teacher’s conference at Play-With-A-Purpose. I especially appreciate the manner in which you were able to simplify your talk without diluting the content. In this way you were very effective in making complex information accessible to everyone present.  I was also thoroughly impressed how you made such a serious topic so much fun with the games you played with the audience. We really appreciate all you do for us as we work at making a better future for our country.  Once  again many thanks.

Robyn Wienand , Founder, Play-With-A-Purpose, South Africa

A wonderfully entertaining, yet insightful message for today’s parents, challenging us all to evaluate how well we use the snippets of time which we have with our children, during our busy days.

St Catherine’s School, St Catherine’s School

Mothers just never seem to have enough time to juggle the responsibility of motherhood between each member of their family and very often work commitments as well. For this reason, it was wonderful to listen to Nikki’s very simple ideas for connecting meaningfully with your children – whilst ‘on the run’. Nikki’s talk reinvigorated the audience and everyone left feeling renewed and determined to apply her simple ideas; this was the perfect antidote to a freezing Highveld morning in the middle of a busy year!

Vivienne Jones, Headmistress, Crossroads School

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