Shop-shop is a favourite play pattern for young children who love to pretend to buy and sell. The Sylvanian Families Boutique Shop is stocked up with everything to delight a little girl and her mum. There are no less than 9 handbags, a variety of shoes, jewellery and hair accessories to play with in this designer shop. The attention to detail is remarkable. And the shopkeeper is the beautiful Persian Cat Mother who is beautifully dressed.


  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery
  • Hair accessories
  • A full length mirror
  • A glass counter
  • Beautiful gift boxes

Products to create

As with all Sylvanian sets, there are small beautifully designed cardboard items to fold and stickers to attach, to create actual products to display and sell in the store.

Collect and add more sets to the Boutique

Suitable additions to the Boutique include:

  • The Dressing Area Set which boasts two beautiful little dresses on cute hangers and comes with a Chocolate Rabbit Sister
  • The Comestic Counter Set which is filled with the most incredible array of make-up items, from brushes to blushers, nail polish, au de cologne and more.

The boutique is connectable too

The Cosy Cottage fits perfectly on top of the Boutique which means the shopkeeper and her family can live upstairs above the store.

Why doll play is important

Doll play is such a wonderful way for children to express themselves and to do role play. The Boutique allows children to play shop shop, an early form of entrepreneurship. Sylvanian Families encourage nurturing and helping children to build their own self esteem as well as valuing themselves and others.

Sylvanian Families can be passed on from generation to generation because of the incredible quality and timelessness of the range. Why not start your child’s collection today?

The Sylvanian Families’ Boutique was reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk.

Age category:              4 – 10 years

Approximate price:     Boutique approx R1000.00, Cosy Cottage approx.  R500.00, Dressing Area Set R430.00,

                                         Cosmetic Counter Set R850.00

Brand:                           Sylvanian Families

Distributor:                  Pegasus Toys

Retail outlets:              Toys R Us, Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Toy Adventures and most 

independent toy stores.