Every child is born to build. Construction toys bring their thinking to life 3D. Apart from being enormously satisfying for a child, construction toys ensure a child’s spatial planning skills are stimulated – not something that kids can experience on a screen just yet. Engino is a new name in the South African construction toy market that lives up to its slogan ‘play to invent’ with an interesting and diverse range that fits in both the construction toy and STEM toy categories (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Engino’s patented ‘snap fit’ connectivity enables building on six sides of a building ‘block’ simultaneously. Build, snap, click, ratchet and more as your child builds things with wheels or wings as well as industrial machines and animals. Unlike traditional construction toys, your child will not be stacking blocks one on top of the other, but connecting in any direction they like. There are a number of different lines in the Engino range:

  • Inventor between 4 and 16 models in one box
  • Motorised 30 to 12o models in one box
  • STEM Heroes introduces STEM concepts to basic constructions
  • Discovering STEM unpacks more sophisticated concepts about solar power, Newton’s Law, mechanics and more, etc

From beginner builders to intermediate and advanced, there is something for everyone in this range. Selected models can be brought to life with the high torque geared motor to build a material lift or crane, or to make the dinosaur open and close his mouth. In addition, there is a solar panel too. The motor and solar panel are interchangeable with different sets.

What we like about Engino:

  • Many sets with multiple models eg 8 in 1, 30 in 1 etc which provides versatility and enables more children to play together
  • Very well-illustrated printed instructions
  • A brilliant 3D app to download onto your phone that takes you through which pieces to choose and how to fit them into your construction step by step – also spinning the construction so that you can see it from many angles
  • Interchangeability of the motor and solar panel
  • Wide range from basic such as the 8 in 1 Model Car Set right through the Eiffel Tower or Ferris Wheel Amusement Park set

Benefits of construction toys:

  • Improved hand and finger strength for handwriting
  • Increased ability to apply thoughts and problem solving skills to the real world
  • Reduced spatial planning problems
  • Discovery of science, technology, engineering and maths concepts through play
  • Right brain stimulation when coming up with their own ideas
  • Left brained stimulation when following instructions in the box and copying an existing design
  • For younger children, sorting and matching pieces for a specific construction strengthens literary skills and the ability to spot the differences in letters and numbers

Three Engino sets we have tested and recommend you look at:

  • Engino Inventor 12 in 1 model aircraft
  • Engino Inventor 8 in 1 model cars
  • Engino Inventor motorised 30 in 1 models

Reviewed for Toy Talk by Nikki Bush and Justine Heydra.

Product availalable on www.takealot.com or in large retail toy stores nationwide.

Prices vary depending on the product selected.