Tech Matters for Parents online course


This is a 10 module, instant download for parents of children from birth to age 12, who don’t have the time or inclination to read a complete book and want a more interactive, multimedia experience. Each module consists of a very short article to introduce you an aspect of Tech-Savvy Parenting, an activity list and links to download helpful resources, podcasts and video material.



Tech Matters for Parents consists of the following 10 modules:

  1. Broadcast is out, interactive is in (how the media landscape has changed and what this means for your children) with various video clips
  2. The internet remembers everything (your kids need to know this – most don’t) with conversation pieces to have with your children
  3. Passing on the responsibility to self-protect (a framework for conversations & self-protection) with video clips and download the safety mantra poster
  4. Risk management online & offline (what’s your appetite for risk?) with a to do list around managing risk
  5. Stupid things people do online (both parents and children) with a checklist to download, discuss and action
  6. The always on generation (help them to discover how to live unplugged too) with a video, some questions and boundaries to implement
  7. Insights into kids gaming (and how to set time limits) with downloadable resources, video clips and some dice games
  8. Practical parenting guidelines for a digital world (by age and stage) with guidelines for tech-savvy parenting, a podcast, videos and printable gaming and movie tickets for a limit-setting process
  9. A message for your children (helping you to pass on the baton of responsibility to them) with something for your child to read, or to read to/with your child, a video and downloadable cellphone purchasing advice
  10. Use your face-to-face time advantage (relationship is the safety app you cannot buy) with a family face-to-face time audit, downloadable fun word games and some inspirational video clips


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