Mind-blowing insights for parents, educators and employers of young people from a leading panel of experts about how the world of work is changing and how we need to prepare our children for that world.

These are the audio and video recordings from the highly successful Raising Young Talent event held at Henley Business School on 4 April, plus two e-books. This is essential viewing/listening for all parents, educators and employers of young people. Also great advice for those of you who want to stay relevant in your own careers.

Commentary from the following experts:

  • Nikki Bush, parenting speaker and best-selling author of Future-proof Your Child (Penguin)
  • Sameer Rawjee, the Dean of Google’s School of Life Design and founder of the O School
  • Raymond de Villiers, futurist and speaker from TomorrowTodayGlobal

You will get:

  • 6 videos
  • 6 audio recordings from the videos for listening on the run
  • 3 hours or audio and video material in total
  • 2 ebooks (these are pdfs, you do not need a Kindle or special ebook reader)
    • Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work by Nikki Bush
    • Talent Re:Defined by Raymond de Villiers and Nikki Bush


What the programme reveals:

  • How you can prime your child for success
  • Hear about jobs you didn’t even know existed and changing employment pactices
  • Discover the trends that are creating new industries and destroying others
  • What your children will need beyond a report card to succeed in the world of work
  • How to navigate a world of no guarantees
  • How your child can become a high performing individual with these 6 characteristics
  • What you and your children need to keep, let go of and learn in order to remain relevant
  • The quarter-life crisis that is affecting young people
  • How to help your child create a life of meaning & success

More about the programme here:

What does it cost?

R750.00 for the full programme.