Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

We may be done with COVID but COVID is far from done with us. 2021 is feeling much like an action replay of 2020 with some referring to it as 2020B. How can you be better prepared for the ongoing COVID-marathon, personally and professionally? How can you regain a sense of control in a time of upheaval and uncertainty? How do you continue to grow? How do you keep hope alive?

Join Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert for her trademark pearls of wisdom and easy to implement practical solutions for the journey ahead. She will talk to:

  • Past, present and future thinking
  • Creating order out of chaos
  • Why your brain needs novelty and newness
  • The importance of routine for body and mind
  • Making yourself supportable
  • Building you resilience muscle
  • Creating your X-factor Chronicles through disruption
  • Decision making and prioritising – getting out of a rut
  • How to maintain focus and Get Stuff Done
  • Ways to inspire yourself
  • Capturing joy, growth and excellence
  • Giving your energy leadership
  • Keeping perspective

If you’ve said any of these things about 2021, then make sure you book your seat:

  • I’m feeling a bit strange about this year
  • I’m feeling unsettled
  • I don’t feel confident
  • I’m having a bit of a wobble
  • I’m not sure what the year holds so I’m feeling uncertain
  • I don’t feel prepared for what’s coming
  • I’m terrified because I’ve been told everything is changing


  • You will have newfound energy
  • You will create focus to be less distracted
  • You will be coming from a place of curiosity and not fear
  • You will feel a sense of greater control and sanity despite the changes you are facing
  • You will be able to generate feelings of progress and satisfaction – even small incremental ones
  • You will be able to take responsibility for self-leadership
  • You will be consciously embracing disruption rather than being a victim of it
  • Your sense of purpose will make your family feel more grounded
  • People will feel safer and will be less reactive because you are calmer
  • You will be able to help family members and team members get clear about their year, their purpose and direction

Thank you so much for being the closing speaker at the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference. Not many speakers have managed to keep our 200 conference delegates riveted to their seats when it’s the end of the day and we are running over time, and you got a standing ovation. Well done! We loved your new talk, What If ‘what if’ Happens. Your content is amazing and you are so brave and inspiring. It really is a talk that every South African needs to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Catarina Allison, KumaloGreen Organizers of the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference

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