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Educators need support in a changing world

I help both parents and educators make sense of a fast-changing world, how it impacts on child development and education and how to handle it. Many of my parenting talks are equally as appropriate for teachers as they are for parents and I regularly present to staff at schools and at regional and national education conferences. In addition, I have a number of talks and workshops that are specific to teachers and school principals.

Talks for educators

Brand Teacher is a fun, personal and interactive staff development workshop that looks at the need for personal branding in the education space, because no-one is ‘just a teacher’. It doubles up as a great team building event at the same time. Click here for more information.

The Evolution of Learning is a presentation that tackles the fact that teaching today requires a significant amount of reinvention because knowledge acquisition is no longer the primary goal of education. The advances in technology and communication are changing the face of education and teachers need to keep up. Click here for more information.

Future-proof Your Child is the topic of one of my best-selling books and is also a popular talk for educators that paints the picture of a changing world and why children need more than just grades to succeed in the future world of work. Future-proof Your Child can also be presented with a practical, interactive X-factor workshop.

Get Outta Your Head is a fun, play-based interactive staff team building experience.

For a full list of all my talks, click here.

Talks for parents to help the to up their game

Parenting talks for parents at schools is a key part of my business. Schools pick a topic of interest or concern and I provide a solution that supports what they are trying to achieve with their parents. Click here for a full list of talks for parents.

Learner talks to prepare young talent for the future

The One Thing You Need to Remember is the digital safety presentation for learners from grade 6 – 12.

The X-Factor is You is the talk for grade 11 and 12 learners who are thinking about careers and their future.

5 Jackets, 3 Careers, 1 Brand combines some of the most useful lessons I have learned on my journey that are still useful today

Parenting Matters articles for Schools

Parenting Matters 4 Schools is an annual subscription that provides subscribing schools with syndicated monthly parenting articles for use in their school newsletters saving the school head or newsletter editor hours in research and writing time. These articles are current and topical and cover four major topic areas that are my specialty:

  • Parenting on the run (work-life balance issue)
  • Future-proof your child
  • Tech-savvy parenting
  • How children learn

Schools use the articles in a variety of ways: in their newsletters, on their websites, as discussion points in the staffroom, as inspiration for principal’s assembly messages and more.

There are two different packages available:

Hot Off the Press (receive freshly written up-to-the-minute articles, videos and podcasts – 20 articles per annum, click here for subscription details)
Ready to Go (purchase articles from my archives in batches of 10 – there are a number of different packs to choose from, click here)

These short articles pack a punch and support the three legs of the education tripod: educators, learners and parents. We are all in this journey together.


I have written a number of noteworthy books that are equally as useful to educators as they are to parents:

Future-proof Your Child
Tech-Savvy Parenting
Easy Answers to Awkward Questions
Parenting Matters
Back to School Sanity Savers


NikkiBush.tv – 8 minute online interviews on parenting, education and child development issues


Family Matters on Radio 702/Cape Talk
Mondays 11am – 12pm

400+ media interview to view here

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