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Parenting Matters for parenting tips and advice

Parenting Matters refers to a free ebook available on my website as well as to a subscription service that I offer schools for monthly parenting articles for use in their school newsletters.

My writings offer general parenting advice, covering 21st century parenting and child development issues across four major topic areas:

  • future-proof your child
  • technology and kids
  • how children learn
  • work-life balance

As parents we need to think about how we are parenting our children on a daily basis with the long term goals of resourcefulness and resilience in mind.  The same goes for educators. We all need to work together to manage, educate and raise the next generation of talent.

Parenting Matters ebook

This short, punchy and enlightening parenting ebook is free. Download it here now.

Parenting Matters for Schools newsletter copywriting service

I have a long relationship with schools, educators and school principals. I provide common-sense 21st century wisdom and advice in the form of syndicated articles for reprinting in school newsletters and for uploading to school websites. There are two different packages available:

  • Hot Off the Press (receive freshly written up-to-the-minute articles, videos and podcasts – 24 articles per annum for R1 000.00 – click here for subscription details)
  • Ready to Go (purchase articles from my archives in batches of 10 for R500.00 – there are currently five different packs to choose from, click here)

These short articles pack a punch and support the three legs of the education tripod: educators, learners and parents. We are all in this journey together.


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