Roller Blocks (Fisher Price) – building blocks for babies with a difference

This is a set of stacking blocks with a difference.  Roller Blocks contain a fun surprise of illustrated rollerballs  that spin around, which babies find fascinating. They are easy to stack and when they are rolled along the floor the pictures spin and change from animals to vehicles, shapes, colours and friendly faces. Stacking encourages fine-motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, thinking and problem solving. It should be remembered that babies don’t actually build at this stage. You build and they will knock your tower down!

Reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk. Selected for Nikki’s Bush’s highly recommended short list for Toy Talk 2015.

Age category:      0 – 1 years
Price:                     R150.00
Brand:                  Fisher Price
Distributor:         Mattel South Africa  +27 (0)10 020 4812
Retail outlets:     Toys R Us and other large retailers
Tags:                     stacking, fascination
Blog categories:  fine-motor co-ordination, early stimulation