With spring popping out all over, it is also the beginning of the final and busiest quarter of the year when everyone starts to feel the pressure: are you on target at work, will you get through the curriculum as a teacher, and are your children on track with their studies?

These are all questions that loom large for us at this time yet, despite this, we must never forget the most important thing in our lives – our relationships – with our children, spouses/partners and work colleagues. Life would be totally meaningless without them.

Relationships are the real reason we get up every morning – to connect with each other; to discover more about who we are, through them; to serve one another, and to pull in the same direction to achieve goals if you are part of a team, which includes family life.

Connection and togetherness
‘Connection’ and ‘togetherness’ are very powerful concepts.  They are two fundamental drivers of human nature that bind us. They are what we yearn for, no matter who we are.  We all want to be on the inside. We want to be ‘seen’, for people who are important to us to give us their attention – or enough of it to make us feel like we count.

Connecting effectively on the run requires that you learn how to be really present when you are with someone. It’s a skill you can acquire and hone, and one that will serve you well in your personal and professional life.  Ask yourself, “How do I make people feel when I connect with them?”  If you are able to make them feel like they are the only person in the room for a few minutes, you have hit the spot. If they feel invisible in your company then you have failed dismally.

Relationships need feeding
Both at work and at home we must learn the art of connecting on the run – making use of the time we do have rather than saying ‘when I have enough time I will…’.  Relationships need feeding with multiple moments of connection which can be done through a variety of touch points, from face-to-face to SMS, email and even Skype. The trick is to learn how to be present whether you have 10 minutes with someone or two hours of uninterrupted quality time.

May spring be a reminder of new growth in every area of your life, but especially in your relationships with others.  Take a good look at your connection and togetherness barometers if you want to create relationships of depth and quality that will sustain you and those you value and love.

And,  when you really pay attention to people, it’s like giving them a good sprinkling of water and fertiliser.  Try it with your colleagues, try it with your partner and, most especially, try it with your children. Their response to your ability to effectively connect on the run, filling their emotional cup, is usually immediate and so gratifying.

What I can do for you at work if connection and togetherness are important to you and your company?


Corporate end of year events with a difference:

A Parenting on the Run workshop for the parents presented by me, while the children are thoroughly entertained and engaged in a kids’ workshop facilitated by my Toy Talk co-presenter, Justine Heydra (our Newspaper Workshop is a firm favourite)
A Big Kid Fun interactive family games event for parents and children from 7 years and up (this was done for a YPO Family Retreat earlier this year and received rave reviews)
A Get Outta Your Head workshop for your corporate team to end the year on a high

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