Who wants just another ham and cheese sandwich for lunch? How about a sandwich with a difference? Sushi sandwiches! Just the same old ingredients in a different disguise and fun to make too! In old-fashioned terms – a pinwheel sandwich. Sometimes children will eat better when they have had a hand in preparing the food. I tried this out with my own children and my nieces and nephews while on holiday last week and it was an instant hit from age 5 to 15. Even my very fussy niece enjoyed her lunch.

You will need:

  • Fresh bread (rectangular)
  • Mayonnaise or mashed avocado or butter/marg
  • Grated cheese
  • Sliced ham or tuna mayo
  • Bread board
  • Rolling pin
  • Bread knife
  • Spreading knife

What to do (for ham, cheese and avo sushi sandwiches):

  • Place a piece of bread on the chopping board and cut off the crusts.
  • Now take the rolling pin and roll over the bread, flattening it.
  • Butter the bread if desired.
  • Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on next (or mashed avocado).
  • Now place a piece of ham on the bread followed by a thin layer of grated cheese. Don’t overfill.
  • Carefully roll up the bread and, using the bread knife, cut into sushi-sized pieces (approx 2 cm).
  • Ring the changes with the fillings. Tuna or chicken mayonnaise and lettuce would work well or make up a vegetarian filling of your choice. My very fussy niece only used peanut butter and she loved her sushi sandwiches.