Sylvanian Families is an heirloom product range of collectibles: doll sets in the form of adorable pet animals such as bunny rabbits, hamsters and striped cats and more, dolls houses, vehicles and lots of accessories.

Fantasy and imaginary play is encouraged, and children get to experience the important theme of nurturing because Sylvanian Families represent kindness, being loving and looking after each other.

The Sylvanian Families City House with lights is the flagship product from the range. Yes, it has lights that really work! This feature alone has me sold. I remember being so envious of my cousin when I was a child because she had a double-storey doll house with lights that worked! Click to view video here or see the video below.

Some highlights

  • This double storey house can be assembled in less than ten minutes with the help of an adult.
  • The stairs can be placed in several positions, so you can change your house design.
  • The ‘lawn’ can be turned over to become a paved patio area.
  • For the lights, 2 AA batteries must be inserted on the outside of the chimney. The switches are on the wall in the lounge and upstairs bedroom. Additional lights can be purchased such as this one that comes in the Sylvanian Home Interiors set. It has its own battery and switch and fits into the holder in the ceiling of the kitchen and upstairs area.
  • The Home Interiors Set also comes with a set of fabric curtains and lace curtains that even have tiny Velcro hold backs so that they can be opened and closed. With such a wide variety of home accessories sets you will never run out of gift ideas for your child to help them to furnish their house.
  • The Sylvanian Families themselves come in different sets. The Chocolate Rabbit Family is a firm favourite consisting of two adults and two children that can be dressed and undressed and have moveable body parts. You can add babies, grandparents and more to the family.

Why psychologists and therapists recommend Sylvanian Families

Child and educational psychologists as well as play therapists highly recommend Sylvanian Families because they encourage children to open up, enabling them to play through emotional issues that may be blocking them. These would typically be things like the arrival of a new sibling, death of a loved one, divorce or illness. Sylvanian Families also come without the physical human differences you would normally find in dolls such as race, hair type, colour of hair, eyes and skin, body shape or size. This makes them very easy to play with.

Sylvanian Families is an heirloom toy

Sylvanian Families can be passed on from generation to generation because of the incredible quality and timelessness of the range. Why not start your child’s collection today?

Sylvanian Families was reviewed by Nikki Bush, creative parenting expert, speaker, author and toy judge.

Age category:              4 – 10 years

Approximate price:     City House with lights approx.  R1500.00, Home Interiors Set R175.00, Chocolate Rabbit Family R400.00, 

                                        Chocolate Rabbit Baby R100.00, Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents R395.00

Brand:                           Sylvanian Families

Distributor:                  Pegasus Toys

Retail outlets:              Toys R Us, Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Toy Adventures and most independent toy stores.

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