Take The Lead, or Be The Chorus

Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

Generations of conditioning to be selfless and give all of ourselves to those we love and respect has resulted in a strong sense that we’re “the supporting act”, both at home and at work. No main role. No lead. No whopping standing ovation.

But this old narrative no longer serves us. It’s disempowering. It traps us in a victim mindset. And perhaps most alarmingly, it makes us believe that we have limited choices – and that financial freedom and choice freedom are just dreams.

Here’s a question for you and the women in your team: Do you see yourself as the star of your own show? Let’s help the women around us to elevate themselves, rewrite their own script and step into the spotlight. What does this look like?

This presentation will cover:

  • Rewriting the script – for the leading woman you are
  • Investing in yourself – skills, finances, attitude
  • The glass ceiling – you may as well shatter it
  • Financial empowerment – pay your future self
  • Holding your value – stop being so negotiable, or negotiate harder
  • Cultivating choice freedom by giving yourself permission
  • Making yourself supportable on the way up
  • Celebrating success along the way
  • Prioritising where you spend your time, energy and effort
  • Tweaking your goals regularly
  • The power of reflection
  • The importance of action

Nikki Bush will share her colourful personal stories and challenges as she inspires your audience to rewrite their own script to step into the spotlight. She will leave your audience with her trademark practical frameworks and solutions to enable them to win @ both work AND life.

Duration : One hour (with option to add half hour for a panel discussion and Q & A)

Audience : Women of all ages and stages – employed, entrepreneurs, mothers, career women and more.

Thank you so much for being the closing speaker at the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference. Not many speakers have managed to keep our 200 conference delegates riveted to their seats when it’s the end of the day and we are running over time, and you got a standing ovation. Well done! We loved your new talk, What If ‘what if’ Happens. Your content is amazing and you are so brave and inspiring. It really is a talk that every South African needs to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Catarina Allison, KumaloGreen Organizers of the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference

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