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Talking Trauma, Loss and Grief

Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

As the global pandemic continues unabated, illness and death are coming closer to home for many. This presentation is for businesses and any group experiencing human grief, loss and disruption as a result of COVID.

Nikki speaks from the heart and from personal experience having walked the journey of trauma, loss and grief after her husband was brutally murdered in their home. She will open a private door, sharing her view which will provide insight and comfort to families and teams who are  being exposed to loss, and the fear of loss on a daily basis.

This presentation will help them to contextualise what they are going, to help them shift from fear and paralysis, while giving them hope that they will get through this.

Nikki will help your audience with:

  • Understanding the dynamics of grief
  • The importance of grieving
  • The necessity of rituals around death
  • Talking to children about death
  • How to deal with delayed or incomplete grief as a result of the lack of closure due to the COVID restrictions
  • Choosing to be broken open by loss rather than being buried as a victim
  • The contextual nature of grief and what that means moving forward

“I was blown away by her courage and vulnerability, sharing her personal story. I can not recommend Nikki enough as a speaker who will motivate and inspire any audience. around really tough topics like grief, loss and growth.”

Madeleine Black, The Courage Cultivator

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