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Talks Especially Suited for Women’s Day Events

Do you want the women in your organisation, or your female clients, to win @ work AND life? Let me help you empower your female audience to celebrate the journey they have traveled to get to ‘here’, inspiring them to be mission-ready for anything and helping them to reframe change or disruption of any kind.I have four specific presentations for Women’s Day/Month that will tick these boxes for you.

  • Which Jacket are You Wearing Now?
  • Reframing Disruption
  • What if “what if” Happens for Women
  • Tick-Tock: Reframing Head, Heart and the Clock

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Women are caught in the traps of seeing time as linear instead of cyclical, of valuing masculine qualities over the feminine and the idea that doing more will result in greater success.

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Do we ever stop to wonder how we got to here? This presentation is a reminder to every woman of the journey they have walked; how everything they have done and experienced to this point has contributed to where they find themselves now…

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Reframing COVID-19


Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert, will help you to reframe the lockdown and re-phasing in experience, to keep perspective and continue to show up realistically at work and at home over this disruptive time.

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What If ‘What If’™ Happens?


No one’s life unfolds in a straight line, either professionally or personally. Disruption is part of the human condition and we all experience it in very different and sometimes profound ways. How prepared are you, practically and emotionally, to cope should a ‘what if’ moment happen to you? And how would your business cope without you or a key player in your business?

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Every woman needs to learn how to stand in her own power with authenticity and grace and this starts with themselves, not with men, contrary to popular thinking.The topic of internal and external validation will be explored together with what women can do to create win-win relationships with men. Building your own internal resilience and strength has everything to do with you and far less to do with men than you think.

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Woman working from Home


The double-disruption of the global pandemic and automation will change the way we work forever. The days of micro-management are over in the remote working, work from home scenario. Individual employees now have to lead themselves and future-proof themselves as best they can for the disruptions that lie ahead.

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Nikki ran a powerful session called ‘ What Jacket Are You Wearing Now’, which explored the many ‘jackets’ we wear as women as we go about our day-to-day lives. Our most significant take away as the GE Women’s Network, was building resilience to navigate the various storms of life and building the support structures that enable us to perform optimally. Thank you for these insights, we look forward to our future engagement.

Nosizwe Dlengezele, Region Commercial Leader, SSA Gas Power Systems, General Electric

Nikki has a way of getting the most out of people and maximizing their true potential through her presentations. It was a pleasure working with her.

Elizabeth Korban, Executive Operations Support, General Electric Power

Nikki presented a series of three workshops and coaching sessions to our staff over the last six months – to an incredible response. Nikki never makes you feel like just another client – her approach is bespoke to your needs. She is not only a great presenter (she leaves you feeling as though she is speaking directly to you), but is also extremely empathetic and compassionate- having made time even for an individual team member who needed assistance. Nikki also shows up with an honesty and vulnerability which enables her audience to connect immediately with her. I would highly recommend her.

Dharshini Padayachee, Transformation, Inclusion and Equality Lead and board member, RMB

Nikki’s ‘What If™ talk was very real, very vulnerable and definitely added valuable lessons for women at Momentum today as part of our #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign. I am working on my What If™ file and would recommend Nikki for your next corporate event.

Anneline Cross, Service and Operations, Momentum
Your sessions are on the mark and we have had really good feedback. It is a pleasure to promote you to other organisations because the quality of your work speaks for itself.
Dharshni Padaychee, Transformation, Inclusion and Equality Director, Rand Merchant Bank, May 2020

Nikki is an excellent speaker and has the ability to make her audience feel connected to her. She is a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating of our needs. The webinars were highly inspiring, relatable and allowed the audience to reflect on important issues and aspects in their lives. The topics were perfect for our women’s day events and we received great feedback from our employees. She was the perfect way to celebrate our women during women’s’ month!

Natheera Noor Mohamed, Senior Human Resources Assistant, Amazon

Need a dose of inspiration, insight and practical solutions over this challenging time?

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