Being a Man in a Women’s World

A conversation for men this Women’s Day

Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?Men have no idea whatsoever of what women really think of them and the types of conversations women have about them. They are completely unaware of the way women manipulate them because there is an unwritten conspiracy by women not to let men win in relationships. Yes, really!

In celebration of Women’s Day, Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert has teamed up with Buster Sefor, who is a highly respected teacher and guide in the field of personal growth and transformation. His deep wisdom and innate understanding of the human condition makes him a highly sought-after teacher and trainer.

Buster will show men some of the inside story about what goes on with women by taking you on a journey through myth and parable to discover the true meaning of masculinity.

Come and discover why most relationships tend to be a lose-lose game rather than a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

A one hour presentation with half an hour of Q & A.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How patriarchy is a barrier to workable relationships
  • How men manipulate women and how women manipulate men
  • To create a working external world by working on your inner private world
  • What women really want from their men
  • How to create relationships that work for both partners
  • The secret to open, honest communication

Attending this men’s only workshop will open up new vistas for creating exciting, truthful and clear relationships with your partner.

This is the partner presentation to the women’s only workshop, She Let Go: How to Show Up With Strength and Resilience, with Nikki Bush.

More About Buster Sefor

Buster SeforIn his early career, Buster lectured in the Department of Electrical Engineering at WITS and WITS Business School where he received the best lecturer award. He opened one of Johannesburg’s first computer consultancy & software development company in 1967. His technical publishing company, Systems Publishers, opened a few years later. The company grew to over 200 employees in a relatively short space of time and he soon found most of time being taken up by dealing with many employees’ problems on a daily basis.

Buster very quickly realised the necessity of assisting his staff to work on their personal lives so that they could be more awake and productive in the workplace. After 10 years of research and participation in many personal improvement programmes and organisations, Buster, along with his late wife and fellow trainer, Wendy launched the Quest Seminars in 1992 (now rebels with a cause).

He also holds a 7th dan in the classical Japanese martial art of Kendo and he brings a deep understanding of martial arts into re-evaluating business practice. He was recently a recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Emperor for promoting Japanese-South African cultural exchange.