Building Stronger, More Connected Teams

process-based workshop- in person or virtual

Building Stronger, More Connected TeamsWould you like to build a stronger, more connected team that’s are more energised, resilient, engaged and on-purpose? I’ll work with your team to help them to connect more deeply and authentically, putting the human back in the middle. This is a high-energy, process-based workshop that have all members of the team interacting and contributing. It can be delivered in person or designed for a virtual experience which would require delivery of workshop tools to each delegate).

In today’s hybrid world that sees teams working from home we have to reinvent what it means to build a stronger, more connected team. We need to find new ways to bond and stay connected, to build trust.

Strong businesses are not just about their products and processes, but about the people behind them. While chasing team targets, there needs to be a parallel personal and professional journey simultaneously unfolding to create purpose and meaning for the individuals in the team. This provides a reason to pull together, to hit targets, and a reason to stay.

In a healthy team, within the ‘we’, we discover the ‘me’, and that is a game-changing dynamic.

This workshop helps participants explore some unusual insights team dynamics that will ensure members of your team are personally invested and committed. Can be designed to incorporate the Success Cube™ concept to add a powerful element of strategy to the session too.


  • Celebrate the benefits of being part of a team – within the ‘we’, we discover the ‘me’
  • Discover more about those in the group and the strengths they bring to the team
  • How members of a team can leverage each other’s strengths in terms of skills and knowledge
  • Discover some little-understood and undervalued drivers of human nature – get the basics right and there’s no need for destructive, negative attention-seeking behaviour
  • Explore team dynamics in fun and interactive ways to help delegates develop ‘relationship glue’ to keep your team together and operating optimally
  • The power of diversity and different skills sets in problem solving, critical thinking and innovating
  • Shift your perceptions about hierarchies and roles
  • Discover some easy ways to de-stress and decompress to maintain a high-energy, engaged and productive team

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Creates an opportunity to come together and bond, especially in these times of remote working away from the communal office environment
  • Foster real, meaningful connections at work by keeping the human in the middle – within the ‘we’, I discover the ‘me’
  • Higher focus and engagement at work because people are not just doing their job, they see the work they do as part of their whole selves
  • Better productivity and performance because team members see their role as a hero in both the business story and their own
  • Meeting of KPIs and more because they are part of a personal story not just a business story
  • Improve wellness statistics because people want to be at work and feel work is an important part of their personal journey
  • Higher employee retention rates because team members see themselves as an integral part of the chapter of the story unfolding in your business right now
  • Take advantage of the Boomerang effect should employees leave – find out how can you ensure they are great ambassadors for your business even if they leave and why they might come back to you one day
  • Improve team leadership skills by understanding the dynamic of being the guide alongside, helping team members co-create their story.

Nikki’s high impact, interactive and deeply personal session was one of the most successful and memorable team workshops we’ve ever had. There was tangible joy, engagement, self-discovery and a real appreciation of, and respect for, the strengths each team member brings to the team. We can’t wait to work with Nikki again.

Lynne Preece, Head of Finance, Oppenheimer Generations

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