During the COVID-19 crisis I have been running internal Staff and Parent Support Programmes for corporates, SMMEs and schools including the JSE, Vodafone, Amazon, RMB, Anglogold Ashanti, RMB Private Bank, Standard Bank, Vodacom, Discovery, Schools, Simplybiz and many more. My presentations have also formed part of client marketing events.

The realities of working from home (with or without kids) and managing school from home, are a major risk to any business’s (or school’s) bottom line right now. I am well-positioned to help with insights and my trademark practical solutions:

  • In 2020 I wrote a COVID-19 white paper called Keep Your Business Running that has been shared extensively
  • In July 2021 Penguin Random House published my book on the topic of dancing with disruption entitled, Future-proof Yourself
  • I do extensive media interviews on Navigating COVID-19 to Win at Work and Life including weekly slots on Radio 702 among others
  • I am a Human Potential and Parenting Expert, speaker and author
  • I have built a business and a brand from home for 25 years with kids
  • I have walked the path of grief, loss and trauma for the past four years since my husband’s murder
  • I am well versed in the challenges facing your leadership and your staff

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Working from Home

In other words, I ‘get it’ and can empathise from a deep and authentic place with my clients and audiences while not allowing them to become victims either. I help both employers, business owners and employees to be realistic and to take responsibility for future-proofing themselves.

I am providing a number of companies with group support and resources to help their teams deal with loss and change as well as the challenges of remote work and, for many, remote schooling. We all need to have more realistic expectations of each other and ourselves to maintain focus, engagement and productivity. There are also sessions just for management and leaders.

See what’s included in the Corporate or School Parent Support Programme below.

Creating a Support Programme for your Organisation:

My normal corporate speaker fee applies for virtual presentations of R39 950 excl VAT per talk in South Africa (discounted fee structure for SMMEs and educational institutions). Overseas presentation fees start at US$7 950 per presentation.

With each webinar you get:

  • A live 1-hour webinar
  • A recording for those who can’t make the session at that time or they wish to share with their spouse etc (on the matter of the recording, see the comments at the bottom of the email)
  • My brand, skills and my experience
  • Downloadable resources for delegates
  • Group coaching sessions 1 hour for each 1 hour webinar booked (use for groups or for a senior leader – these sessions are added value and whether you use them or not, they make no difference to my fee)

The following bulk discount will apply:

  • Single live webinar with a group coaching session (no discount)
  • Two live webinars with group coaching sessions (10% discount)
  • Three live webinars with group coaching sessions (15% discount)
  • Most organisations are opting for a two to three session package as we are not dealing with a single traumatic event, but an extended period of adjustment and transition during which employees need support to cope better on every level over time
  • We can discuss IN-PERSON presentations should lockdown regulations allow

Payment terms

  • As per my normal terms: full payment is required prior to execution of the project

Win @ work and life

COVID-19 Webinar Topics

Reframing COVID-19

Reframing COVID-19 for You & Your Family

Nikki will help you to reframe the lockdown and re-phasing in experience, to keep perspective and continue to show up realistically at work and at home over this disruptive time.

What If ‘What If’™ Happens?


No-one’s life unfolds in a straight line, either personally or professionally. Lossand disruption are part of the human condition and we all experience them invery different and sometimes profound ways. How prepared are you,practically and emotionally, to cope should a ‘what if’ moment happen to you?

Talking Trauma, Loss and Grief

As the global pandemic continues unabated, illness and death are coming closer to home for many. This presentation is for businesses and any group experiencing human grief, loss and disruption as a result of COVID.

And So it Begins

A first-hand account into the bureaucratic nightmare of wrapping up a life from a survivor’s perspective after Nikki Bush experienced a ‘what if’ moment when her husband was brutally murdered in their family home.

Presentation - Build Stronger Teams

Building Stronger More connected Teams

This is for businesses that want a face to face, interactive, but socially distanced team event. In our fast-paced, performance-driven, disruptive world, busyness and panic transcend everything, and we forget how to keep the human in the middle.

Parenting in Disruptive Times

Nikki show you how to deal with these issues practically, while building trust with your kids, being a parenting hero and keeping your sanity at the same time. Come and be reassured that you can cope with disruption and uncertainty, and so can your children.

Improving Your Impact Behind the Webcam

In this webinar she shares her tips and tricks to help you raise you impact, grow your confidence and increase your presence in this virtual space.


Hi Nikki. An awesome Reframing Covid-19 webinar today. Thank you! Great feedback from staff. Colleagues appreciated you using a real and personal examples to share the principles of hope, how to build a positive mindset, and how to find collateral beauty in the collateral damage, providing a roadmap for moving forward. We look forward to the rest of your sessions with us.
Donald Khumalo, Human Resources Director, the JSE, May 2020
Hi Nikki. Thanks so very much. Your webinar was so inspirational and from the feedback we can see that our members of Simplybiz (powered by Nedbank) loved it. As a business owner and parent, I was really inspired by your webinar for a variety of reasons – the world will never be the same again and I can’t control everything, so I will embrace the new possibilities and opportunities around me and use this to my advantage; there is more collateral beauty in my life than collateral damage, and I can find the surprise in every day and be grateful; and lastly, what I do and how I act now matters (especially in front of my children and staff) and this is the time for strong and decisive leadership.
Michela Gordon, Group Managing Director, Javelin Advertising & Marketing, May 2020
The power of your work is that you give pictures and words to how people are feeling through your stories and frameworks. You help people to find themselves in the chaos. By reducing the emotional charge they have permission to feel, and you provide tools to help them to bring themselves back from confusion into orbit. Thank you for helping us to keep perspective at this time.
Tammy Beira, Talent Partner, Bowmans
Your sessions are on the mark and we have had really good feedback. It is a pleasure to promote you to other organisations because the quality of your work speaks for itself.
Dharshni Padaychee, Transformation, Inclusion and Equality Director, Rand Merchant Bank, May 2020
There are some amazing tools here. For us, the most impactful outcome was that these tools are not just for the period of Covid-19, they should form the context of how we see every day going forward. Thank you again Nikki.
Gary Botha, Group CEO and Ian Wright, Group Head Marketing, Kyalami Schools, April 2020

Clients constantly comment on Nikki’s ability to connect with her audience – in-person or in the virtual world, and to hold their rapt attention for the duration of her presentation. “Nikki talks and the audience sits up and listens,” is something we hear from clients often. Nikki keeps her audience engaged and responding. A very important aspect of Nikki’s presentation style is her relatability.

Clients appreciate how Nikki gets to know them and customises her sessions. She never makes you feel like just another client – her approach is bespoke to your needs. Nikki is also adept at reading the room and adapts to the needs of the group in the moment.

Before you book Nikki, you will have a discussion with her so that she can ascertain your needs and expectations. She will then make a recommendation on which content will best meet your objectives.

As a motivational speaker and author, Nikki helps leaders and teams raise human potential – their own, those around them and their children, through business talks and parent talks.

Need a dose of inspiration, insight and practical solutions over this challenging time?

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