Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

The number one reason why we don’t communicate is fear of the other person’s reaction, yet communication is key to building successful relationships. How can we overcome the hurdles that stop us from communicating and making real connection with others, in all areas of our lives, at home, work and play? This webinar explores what gets in the way of clear communication and provides a framework for creating a safe space for courageous, honest communication to happen.

Come and learn about some key connection styles and the all-important format of how to create a daily clearing process to enhance communication in your relationships. Why do a daily clearing process? To get clear with the other person/people. It’s as simple as that. A clearing is a simple structured process which can be used in families, relationships and at work.


  • Different connection styles (e.g. A talker/non-talker, a toucher/non-toucher etc.)
  • How to communicate with someone who has a different connection style to you
  • How to improve your listening skills and be ‘in the moment’ with the other person
  • How to create a clearing process to keep the flow of communication honest and open
  • How to create a safe space to communicate openly and honestly without fear of other’s reactions
  • How to really listen to the other person
  • How to receive communication without going into ‘effect’ of it
  • How to introduce communication equality allowing everyone the chance to speak up (not just the ones who love to talk!)
  • The importance of freeing yourself from carrying the burden of undelivered communication
  • How to avoid verbal dumping

This session will be presented by Savannah Sefor.

Savannah Sefor was involved with the Quest organisation from its inception in 1992. Working over a 20 year period, Savannah eventually became one of the 3 senior trainers of the company presenting programmes and workshops on personal growth, relationships, self-responsibility, parenting, kids workshops, communication and self-mastery amongst others.

In 2014 Savannah moved to Cape Town where the business transitioned to become Rebels with a Cause and she continued the work, expanding to include corporate offerings around talent management and retention, executive coaching and workable teams. Drawing from a wide range of modalities, she developed programmes designed for employees and leadership to integrate more workable ways of thinking, feeling and behaving both for themselves and in relation to clients, internal teams and organisational structure.

Savannah has worked with over 8000 people in various workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions over the past 25 years to bring about transformation at the level of the individual.

Savannah is passionate about South African creative talent and has been involved in the production of SA Fashion Week for over 23 years as well as having had a boutique PR agency catering to local creatives, she has also organised conferences and events for various organisations.

She has been married for 20 years and has two daughters aged 13 and 16.

Her profound insight and clear vision make her one of the most powerful trainers in her field.


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