The Importance of Rituals, Community and Grieving

Managing loss and making space for it in our lives.

Dealing with Death Presentation

Media personality, speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush walks the journey of grief after brutally losing her husband and father of her two boys in a home invasion in late 2017. Nikki candidly and honestly lifts the lid off death as she discusses the power and importance of rituals, community and the actual process of grieving, itself, as a way of integrating loss through death into our lives in a healthy way. This talk is filled with poignant moments, gentle humour and powerful reminders of what it means to love and be human.

Nikki will share:

  • The power and importance of rituals
  • The gift of tears
  • How grief is a verb
  • Endings and beginnings
  • Firsts and finals
  • The need for people and support
  • The power of vulnerability and honesty
  • The effect of loss and trauma on your body and your brain
  • The need for space
  • How to support people through grief
  • The non-linear nature of grief
  • The role of counselling and body work
  • Post-traumatic growth and moving forward

This profound, honest and personal look at death, loss and grief will shift your perspective and awareness, and raise your empathy for those who are grieving. If you have been on the receiving end of loss, you will find yourself in Nikki’s stories and you may even give yourself permission to release what you are still holding on to that is standing in your way.

Talk Length: 60 mins
Talk Type: Keynote
Audience: Associations/service clubs/women’s events/religious groups/parents/schools

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