Dynamic Leadership

in a Hybrid World

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We live and work in a new-look world. While leaders and managers are physically distanced from their teams, it’s more important than ever before that they understand fundamental drivers of human behavior, hone ways to develop and maintain trust and workable relationships virtually and keep the flow of innovative ideas and solutions going.

While your responsibility is to keep profits up, costs, down, reduce risk and ensure customers and clients are satisfied, this is all dependent on the level of communication, cohesion, engagement in your team. This workshop explores to how to create that, as a leader, in a hybrid world with new insights and smart, simple virtual engagement tools. Customisable for your team based on client brief.

This interactive virtual workshop explores:

  • The challenges and pitfalls of virtual leadership
  • The opportunities and benefits of virtual leadership
  • The shift from leader/manager to coach and TV game show producer
  • How the need for attention and control drives everything in a team
  • The 3 most important questions every human being asks non-verbally every day and searches for answers to (including you!)
  • Reinventing the Morning Huddle
  • Tools for better brainstorming on virtual platforms
  • How to ensure all the voices in ‘the room’ are heard
  • Activities you can use to keep your team engaged online
  • The power of creating space for questions
  • How to build trust through 1-1 time with direct reports
  • Raising communication to a new level of workability

There are three versions of this Workshop:

Option 1

  • 1.5 hours duration
  • Presentation with some short interactive activities showcasing possibilities you can use with your team
  • Q & A and idea generation built into the activities to show you what is possible
  • R37 950 excl VAT plus R3 500 excl VAT for use of my flexible platform and my technical producer

Option 2

  • 3 hours duration
  • You will experience and use the tools that Nikki shares with you
  • The entire experience is interactive
  • The brainstorming section will be customised around a specific challenge you are facing as a team so that you can learn about the tools and generate content and ideas to solve your challenge at the same time
  • R57 950 excl VAT plus R5 500 excl VAT for use of my flexible platform and my technical producer

Option 3

  • Option 2 above for leaders and managers (3 hours) PLUS
  • A two-hour training session to bring your assistants up to speed so that they can help you to launch and use powerful virtual engagement tools during your meetings, brainstorming and team building sessions, freeing you up to lead
  • They will be trained by me and my technical producer on
    • Their shifting support role
    • How to use the virtual engagement tools to support you
  • One hour feedback session with leaders and managers
  • One hour feedback session with assistants
  • R77 950 excl VAT plus R7 500 excl VAT for use of my flexible platform and my technical producer

Virtual Platform Usage

We offer a Zoom Pro room

Usage fee ranges from R3 500 to R7 500 excl VAT depending on the length of the session

We need to know what virtual platform you use

  • If we have to use your platform then a dry run will be required with me and my technical producer and your technical assistant
  • R5 000 excl VAT for the dry run not exceeding 1 hour
  • Additional fees will apply if further test sessions are required

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