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Pre & Primary Schools

For parent events, teacher development & learner workshops

Parenting in Disruptive Times

Nikki show you how to deal with these issues practically, while building trust with your kids, being a parenting hero and keeping your sanity at the same time. Come and be reassured that you can cope with disruption and uncertainty, and so can your children.

Future Proof Your Child Talk

How to raise children to succeed and thrive in disruptive times. A look at industries of the future & X-factors for success.

BEEPP Talk by Nikki Bush

What the BEEPP Is That?

In an increasingly digital world, screens are finding their way into ever younger hands who need more real than on-screen experiences.

parenting on the run

A fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life integration so they can win at work and home.

Let Go and Let Grow by Nikki Bush

Parents need to be reminded of the fact that the ultimate goal of parenting is to let our children go – even into this crazy warp-speed world.

The One Thing You Need to Remember

Grade 4-7 learners. A workshop with beach balls teaching them to take responsibility for choices they make online.

Talks & Presentations for

High Schools

For parent evenings and learner workshops

For grade 10 – 12 learners or learners AND their parents. The future is changing rapidly. What does the world of work look like and how will our children succeed and thrive in that world? Will an education be enough?

Tech Savvy Parenting Talk

For parents of grades 8 – 9s. Parents need to become tech-savvy so their children will benefit from the best the online world has to offer and be protected from the worst. Nikki provides a practical framework.

The One Thing You Need to Remember

For grade 8 and 9 learners. An interactive workshop with beach balls to teach learners to make wise choices online and offline so that they take responsibility for their safety protect their reputation, always.

 Perfect for subject choice evenings. Nikki Bush takes the audience on a journey of different careers, choices, crossroads and lessons learnt, that have helped her to build a stand out brand of one.

Surviving the Teen Rollercoaster

Are you laying on the tracks being run over by your teen, or are you sitting beside them in the rollercoaster cart with your arms in the air going woohoo?

Talks & Presentations for

Tertiary Institutions

For commencements, graduations etc.

Whispers for Young Talent: Talk

Advice and insight for young people who are about to enter the world of work, one that is constantly changing and is very different to that of their parents at the same age.

Talks & Presentations for


Reframing COVID-19

Are you and your staff wanting to feel a greater sense of control in an uncertain time? Disruption comes in many forms. Change can happen by choice or by crisis.

Would you like your team to be more engaged, productive and successful without having to worry about complicated management theory?

Brand Teacher Talk by Nikki Bush

The Brand Teacher Workshop

Teachers think they are one homogenous group – but are they? Parents do not see teachers in the same way.

Presentation - Build Stronger Teams

Would you like to build a stronger, more connected team that’s are more energised, resilient, engaged and on-purpose?

The Success Cube

The Success Cube for Parents or Teachers

Helping parents or teachers to build Success Recipes for themselves and for future-proofing the children they are raising or teaching.

Improving Your Impact Behind the Webcam

In this webinar she shares her tips and tricks to help you raise you impact, grow your confidence and increase your presence in this virtual space.

Clients constantly comment on Nikki’s ability to connect with her audience – in-person or in the virtual world, and to hold their rapt attention for the duration of her presentation. “Nikki talks and the audience sits up and listens,” is something we hear from clients often. Nikki keeps her audience engaged and responding. A very important aspect of Nikki’s presentation style is her relatability.

Clients appreciate how Nikki gets to know them and customises her sessions. She never makes you feel like just another client – her approach is bespoke to your needs. Nikki is also adept at reading the room and adapts to the needs of the group in the moment.

Before you book Nikki, you will have a discussion with her so that she can ascertain your needs and expectations. She will then make a recommendation on which content will best meet your objectives.

As a motivational speaker and author, Nikki helps leaders and teams raise human potential – their own, those around them and their children, through business talks and parent talks.

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