Flourish Through Uncertainty

Shift from helpless to hopeful and focused

Flourishing is within everyone’s reach regardless of circumstances. To flourish means to grow, thrive, do well, prosper and bloom – rapidly and successfully and in a congenial environment. On paper, the global pandemic has provided far from ideal conditions in which for us to flourish at life and work. The opposite of flourishing is to fail, shrink, lose, lessen, cease, struggle, shrivel, whither, languish and decline. It depends on the lens through which you choose to view your experience and the action you are prepared to take. Change can break us open to flourish, or bury us.

A mindset shift is necessary to flourish no matter what the circumstances. Organisations can support their leadership and staff on this journey of self-empowerment and self-leadership by creating a greater consciousness of the possibility for personal and professional growth in the midst of chaos. We need to recognise the hunter and gatherer within each of us. These classic archetypes don’t change but what we need to be hunting, gathering, nurturing and growing definitely does!

In your professional and personal leadership capacities you must become more aware of hunting, gathering and farming the right things that will galvanise performance and help with adapting and transformation. What are you hunting for? What are you gathering? What are you nurturing or farming?

“Work hard, but also love what you do,” is what the head head of an agile, high performing digital transformation team, I work with, tells his people. He is alluding to the fact that excellence without love is just punishing, hard work. The quality and precision of our work will always be better when done with love and when it is aligned with our strengths.

Everyone is a natural hunter-gatherer. I can help you put these hard-wired archetypes to good use, to:

  • Shift towards open leadership and away from top-down, command and control
  • Crowdsource input and ideas from everyone in your team so it’s not all on you
  • Improve the quality of your team’s contribution to the business
  • Strengthen ties of belonging and togetherness
  • Become a more in touch and in tune leader (of yourself and others)
  • Raise engagement and productivity in your team
  • Help your people grow and feel a sense of purpose

I use experiential learning to help senior leaders guide their teams, to elevate their performance, and raise their game.

The hunter-gatherer metaphor that will help you and your team flourish through chaos and uncertainty. Finding the connection between love and work is just one aspect of many you should be looking at.

Nikki Bush, award-winning speaker and best-selling author of the books Future-proof Yourself and Future-proof Your Child is the reinvention queen who has experienced her fair share of disruption, by choice and by crisis. She will take you on a highly relatable journey to recognise what hunting, gathering, farming and gardening look like in our personal and professional lives and what we need to hunt, gather, farm, grow, nurture and let go of in order to thrive through chaos and change.

In her trademark style, Nikki will wake you up, push you out of your comfort zone or state of helplessness, while also reassuring you, igniting possibility thinking and providing practical frameworks and action steps. Flourishing is within everyone’s reach. What you focus on will flourish!

this presentation covers:

  • A world as it, is not as you wish it would be
  • The choice to flourish through chaos or succumb to chaos
  • Hunter, gatherer, farmer
  • What do you need to hunt for?
  • What should you be gathering?
  • What should you be farming?
  • Pruning and tuning your Brand of One
  • Playing to your loves and your strengths
  • Creating your own inner environment for flourishing
  • Action steps
  • This presentation can be customised for your organisation or your specific industry. Client briefing is essential to deliver on your objectives

  • Suitable as a presentation for a group of any size

  • Can be presented in person or virtually

  • Can be transformed into a practical half day or full day workshop in person for smaller groups of approx. 6 – 10 people

“Flourishing Through Uncertainty is a great follow on from Nikki’s powerful Reframing Disruption presentation that has helped so many. Flourishing takes us past the ‘new normal’ to a ‘different normal’ integrating all aspects of life. This talk is going to be a hit in 2022!
Leonie Wernick, Model Risk, Absa

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