Future-Proof Yourself

How prepared are your staff for the shift to self-leadership ? Are they ready to future-proof themselves?

Woman working from homeThe double-disruption of the global pandemic and automation will change the way we work forever. The days of micro-management are over in the remote working, work from home scenario. Individual employees now have to lead themselves and future-proof themselves as best they can for the disruptions that lie ahead.

Self-leadership and self-management are a focus in Nikki’s latest book, Future-proof Yourself (Penguin Random House). They will be vital skills helping staff to succeed and add value, either from within the organisation, or from outside if they shift to becoming part of the on-demand (gig economy) workforce. This is a growing trend around the world as head offices shrink, workforces become more distributed, companies farm out work on a project basis instead of employing more people, and remuneration and benefits packages change.

The Presentation Will Explore:

  • Disruption trends on the horizon – beyond the global pandemic
  • The benefits to business and individuals of the shift from micro-management to self-management, from being input-driven to output-driven
  • The shift from blame and disempowerment to self-determination, self-validation and taking personal responsibility for career development
  • The self-directed intrapreneur (the employee who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur)
  • Exploring the concept of BrandMeInc
  • How to build a Brand of One – a step by step journey
  • Recording your X-factors for Success
  • Why you need to improve your financial planning and financial IQ for the long haul
  • How to create Happy Juice
  • A copy of Nikki’s latest book, Future-proof Yourself would make a powerful and relevant takeaway for each delegate

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