Nikki’s Nudges for Hybrid Leadership

Need to sharpen up the hybrid leadership skills of your exco members, team leaders and line managers?

This showreel contains some highlights from my five-minute Hybrid Leadership Nudge series which is designed for leaders who need to develop their high-touch leadership skills for a hybrid world.

Each topic is produced in three formats: video, podcast and as a written article to appeal to all learning styles.

This punchy series will support your leaders on a growth journey as they shift to managing and leading in a hybrid world. It can also be customised and branded specifically for your organisation.

Topics in the Hybrid Leadership Nudge Series:

  • Why you need to pay deeper attention in a hybrid world
  • Re-inventing 1:1 check-ins with your direct reports
  • How to stop rescuing and start empowering your team
  • Practically creating psychological safety in your team
  • How to break the micro-management cycle
  • Finding a hybrid rhythm that works for your team
  • Raising your credibility and emotional connection both online and offline
  • Facilitating meetings that matter and ditching those that don’t
  • Creating attention-grabbing meetings with a variety of both online and offline
  • Squeezing happy juice into your team to improve retention and engagement
Veruschka De Wet - Testimonial

Use it in Conjunction with My Hybrid Talks and Workshops:

  • Think.Feel.Do.Hybrid (for your staff or team)
  • Creating Happy Juice for Teams in Hybrid (for groups of leaders and managers)

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