Shift From Human Doing To Human Being

Connecting beyond your job description, KPIs and your workstation.

human-doing-to-human-being-presentationHow well do you know your colleagues? How often to you really connect and engage as human beings vs human doings – chasing KPIs, surviving and just getting the job done? When last did you laugh so much that your cheeks ached?

In this very interactive, process-based workshop that is customised to raise issues or start conversations that are important to your group or organisation, award-winning speaker, Nikki Bush, will help your team break down barriers, reconnect and raise their energy levels. Laughter and learning are guaranteed as she facilitates critical conversations in between each carefully selected process. Nikki is an expert at helping individuals and teams to win at life and work.

This workshop will:

  • Empower participants both at work and at home
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Create greater understanding of team dynamics and collaboration
  • Break down barriers between team members
  • Build stronger, more connected teams

The added bonus of this workshop is that every process is something participants can go and do with their own families at home or do again in the business setting, making them a hero at work and at home. Both boxes ticked!

Nikki will leave your team viewing the world from a new perspective, with fresh eyes.

“Nikki had 150 people on the edge of their seats, participating in tasks and processes, eliciting responses and feedback to demonstrate the importance of team cohesion, and ensuring the breaking down of silo’s and buy in to individual commitment.” Sunita Singh, Organisational Development Consultant, Nedbank Retail Banking

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