Keep Your Business Running

The Realities of Working from Home with Kids

Keep Your Business Running

The inside track to help team leaders and managers have more realistic expectations of their remote team members who are working from home while parenting full time too. Human Potential and Parenting Expert, Nikki Bush, has some answers and solutions to help you better support your team members in the unfamiliar space they find themselves in.

The Covid-19 crisis is an urgent call to keep the human in the middle and to be realistic about what to expect as teams transition to working remotely. Journeying with your team members has never been more important for productivity and your bottom line. This webinar is based on Nikki’s popular white paper called Keep Your Business Running that was written to help businesses to mitigate one of the biggest threats to their bottom lines during the COVID-19 pandemic – the staff babysitter.

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding your employees and team members
  • Why we are feeling threatened
  • The reality of mass shock and grief
  • Insights into children and what they need
  • What about you – the manager or team leader?
  • Building the problem-solving muscle in your team rather than being the rescuer
  • The daily reality for people working at home with kids
  • Managing and leading your team remotely
  • Advice for parents
  • A parent’s role in distance education
  • Takeaways for winning at home and life
  • Takeaways for winning at work

Comes with a downloadable copy of Nikki’s white paper, Keep Your Business Running.

Can be presented for your leadership team or your whole business.

Keep Your Business Running was a very good reminder to our leadership team about the need to focus on the little things, that are really the big things, to help us keep the human in the middle during this crisis.

Donald Khumalo, The JSE

Your white paper and presentation were so on point and useful that we have booked a suite of your webinars for our staff at FNB Loans to support them during this disruptive time.

Margaux de Wet, Internal Communications and Events Manager, FNB Loans

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