Some Days I Wish I was Single with No Kids!

Workshop for Parents of children from birth to age 8


“Some days I wish I was single with no kids!” This is the regular refrain from many parents of children in the critical foundation years from birth to age 8. It’s a demanding time as children in this age group need so much from their parents physically, mentally and emotionally. This constant ‘give’ can be draining and difficult to balance with work and life.

There are important basics to get your head around a you lay important foundations in the early years. It’s also about remembering that you are on your own personal development adventure too.

Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert has teamed up with seasoned Transformational Trainer and Coach, Savannah Sefor, to put together this powerful session to skill you up for the early years in head, heart and mind.

This parent webinar is suitable for both mums and dads and will deal with:

  • The impact of the choices we make as adults/parents on our children and our relationship with them
  • Why the early years are so critical
  • The impact of how you were parented on your parenting style
  • How to build healthy emotional bonds with your kids
  • The price of expedience and convenience
  • How we overcompensate due to parental guilt
  • The sticky problem of discipline
  • What boundaried behaviour looks like
  • Trusting yourself
  • Strategies for balancing work and children and keeping them busy while you work
  • How to make friends with time and not allow it to become your enemy

Downloadable resources will be provided.

This presentation is designed as an interactive workshop but can also be presented in a keynote format.

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