Parenting in Disruptive times

This practical and insightful presentation with Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert, speaker and author, is right on the money for a time such as this. The talk will cover many different forms of disruption parents and children have had to cope with in the past 18 months including work from home, school from home, death of a family member or friend (often due to Covid) and civil unrest. The common link is that all of these push us through a process of adjustment and transition as families.

Nikki shows you how to deal with these issues practically, while building trust with your kids, being a parenting hero and keeping your sanity at the same time. Come and be reassured that you can cope with disruption and uncertainty, and so can your children.

This talk covers:

  • Common traps parents fall into in times of uncertainty
  • Understanding change and adjustment
  • How to talk to your kids about disruption and uncertainty
  • Three important questions kids need answered every day
  • Actions you can take to help your kids cope better
  • How to help kids deal with the glitter storms of life

Downloadable resources included

Nikki Bush is a passionate thought leader, advocate for child development and family and parenting expert. She doesn’t just contribute, she sets the narrative, being able to cut through the clutter no matter how complex. Nikki’s work is not theoretical – she always adds value by leaving practical frameworks and easy to implement ideas behind that touch both the head and the heart.

Kubeshini Govender, Chief Education Specialist: Special Projects, Western Cape Education Department

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