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Parents & Caregivers

Teens and their parents are invited to come together for a challenging and insightful presentation by Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert, as she wakes us up to some important factors necessary to future-proof yourself for a fast-changing world

Divorce is common, but does it always have to be so destructive and messy? If you are thinking about getting divorced and want to go about it constructively so that both parties and the children win

Presentation: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

No-one’s life unfolds in a straight line, either professionally or personally. How prepared is your family for disruption. ‘What if’ moments happen at sometime to everyone.

Nikki shows you how to deal with these issues practically, while building trust with your kids, being a parenting hero and keeping your sanity at the same time. Come and be reassured that you can cope with disruption and uncertainty, and so can your children.

Future Proof Your Child Talk

How to raise children to succeed and thrive in disruptive times. A look at industries of the future, education, the role of family, developing X-factors for success and a Talent Profile.

parenting on the run

A fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life integration so they can win at work and at home. It will change the way you parent forever.

Children Living in the Red Zone Of  Stress

Children of all ages are suffering from anxiety and burnout. What’s stressing kids & families today and what can we do about it?

Get Outta Your Head - Talk by Nikki Bush

An interactive, play-based workshop to get you thinking out the box of how you can create memories with your kids as they get older.

The Success Cube

The Success Cube for Parents

Helping parents create their own Success Recipe for more effective parenting and to future-proof their children. In turn, they can help their children develop their own Success Recipes for anything.

In a digital world, fun and learning with real toys is important. This interactive play-based workshop with construction toys provides enormous insight into how children learn.

Clients constantly comment on Nikki’s ability to connect with her audience – in-person or in the virtual world, and to hold their rapt attention for the duration of her presentation. “Nikki talks and the audience sits up and listens,” is something we hear from clients often. Nikki keeps her audience engaged and responding. A very important aspect of Nikki’s presentation style is her relatability.

Clients appreciate how Nikki gets to know them and customises her sessions. She never makes you feel like just another client – her approach is bespoke to your needs. Nikki is also adept at reading the room and adapts to the needs of the group in the moment.

Before you book Nikki, you will have a discussion with her so that she can ascertain your needs and expectations. She will then make a recommendation on which content will best meet your objectives.

As a motivational speaker and author, Nikki helps leaders and teams raise human potential – their own, those around them and their children, through business talks and parent talks.

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