Reframing Disruption to

Win @ Work & Life

For anyone Who is Dealing with the Impact of any kind of disruption


Are you and your staff wanting to feel a greater sense of control in an uncertain time? Disruption comes in many forms. Change can happen by choice or by crisis. This presentation acknowledges the journey you have walked with the prolonged global pandemic and the challenges still to come.

In this very personal and relatable presentation, Nikki Bush, award-winning speaker and best-selling author shares aspects of her own story of disruption while acknowledging yours. She will help you to reframe where you find yourself now, regain perspective and provide practical ideas for self-mastery in a perfect storm, inspiring you to flourish in the times ahead.

In this acclaimed, moving, and high impact presentation Nikki will challenge your perceptions of change, help you to come to terms with not knowing what the future looks like. She will reset your mind and shift your heart making you change-ready. You will walk away with frameworks, coping mechanisms and useful resources to help you to continue to win at work and life, no matter what life throws at you.

This presentation is easily tweaked and customised for any audience, for example, a Women’s Day event, a company conference, a client-facing event, financial advisers and brokers

Nikki will help you to:

  • Keep perspective
  • Avoid fight, flight or freeze
  • Understand the stages of adjustment and transition to a new normal
  • Reframe change and disruption
  • Find collateral beauty in collateral damage
  • Feel positive about future possibilities

This webinar can be renamed to suit your audience, for example:

  • Reframing COVID-19 for You and Your Family
  • Reframing Change and Disruption to Win @ Work and Life
  • Reframing Disruption to Flourish in Uncertainty
  • Flourish Through Disruption OR Blooming Through Disruption (for Women’s Day events)

The power of your work is that you give pictures and words to how people are feeling through your stories and frameworks. You help people to find themselves in the chaos. By reducing the emotional charge they have permission to feel, and you provide tools to help them to bring themselves back from confusion into orbit.  Thank you for helping us to keep perspective at this time.

Tammy Beira, Talent Partner, Bowmans

Nikki Bush blew our gala dinner audience away and made us, Fresenius Kabi, as the event sponsor, look incredibly good. She was everything we expected and so much more. Delegates were engaged, riveted and emotionally moved by Nikki’s presentation. She has the gift of making you feel that she is speaking directly to you even if you are in an audience of a few hundred people. The Nikki Effect is a real thing! She can change your life when she weaves her magic whether from the stage or on radio or TV. It’s true that Nikki leaves an impact long after she has left the stage which is why I have been an avid follower of hers for many years. Reframing Disruption is a talk that every organisation and association needs to hear in these times of uncertainty. Empower your group by inviting Nikki to speak. You will thank me if you do!

Sheilla Mulisa (Booi) Mulaudzi, Product Manager IV Medicines at Fresenius Kabi

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