She Let Go

Helping women to show up authentically with resilience and strength

Women's Day Talk: Showing Up with Power & Grace

Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert, will help you to investigate what showing up means and how that is linked to the counter-intuitive concept of letting go. Every woman needs to learn how to stand in her own power with authenticity and grace and this starts with themselves, not with men, contrary to popular thinking. The topic of internal and external validation will be explored together with what women can do to create win-win relationships with men. Building your own internal resilience and strength has everything to do with you and far less to do with men than you think.


A one hour presentation with half an hour of Q & A.

She Let Go is a conversation that will deal with:

  • What really powers your choices and decisions
  • The cage you have created for yourself
  • Breaking out of the prison of your own mind
  • The price of keeping it all together
  • How to create meaningful acknowledgement and validation
  • The difference between being rescued and supported
  • Valuing yourself and seeing yourself differently
  • How women handle success
  • How to respond to glitter storms in your life at work and at home
  • Developing your resilience muscle as you dance with change and disruption
  • Communicating clearly vs playing the manipulation game
  • Making new choices

This presentation can be presented an interactive workshop or packaged as a keynote.

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