Helping you write the Success Recipe for a Success Journey of any kind


Join me for this exciting personal and professional development workshop using the Success Cube™, a powerful concept to help you win at work and life. We will build Success Recipes for whatever goals you are working on. The added bonus is that you will be able to replicate the process again and again, at any time, for any new Success Journey you may undertake. This work flexible can be done in person or online, individually or in groups. 2 – 3 hours for an individual session and for a team we do a full day intervention from 9am – 4pm.

You are going to love the profound simplicity and interactive nature of what you can do with the Success Cube™ whether you want to:

  • improve your sales success at work
  • build a stronger, more connected team
  • change the team dynamics in your organisation
  • build a more resilient professional practice
  • work out the requirements for a specific job description
  • future-proof your children as a parent
  • help your child to develop a winning mindset to achieve their goals
  • be a high energy educator you want to be
  • reinvent yourself in a new life stage
  • rise again from a loss or trauma of any kind
  • run the Comrades Marathon, and more

Believe it or not, the same fundamentals apply to all of the above. We seem to have created so much complexity that we are missing the obvious. With the Success Cube™ you will discover:

  • The most common trap so many people fall into and how it trips them up on their journey to success
  • The three timeless elements that are often missed and are essential in building a successful journey of any kind
  • How success is always within your grasp if you know how to look at it
  • How building a 3D model of your own Success Recipe makes your goals, and how you are going to get there, much more real and tangible
  • Your very own blueprint for your Success Journey or a blueprint for your team
  • The helpful wisdom in the room that will make your Success Recipe so much richer

I look forward to helping you to build your very own Recipe for Success with the Success Cube™.

The Success Cube™ concept is a simple, tangible, interactive process that helps individuals and teams (adults and children) to determine their own recipes for success for a specific goal, whether it’s to run the Comrades Marathon, be a successful sales team, pass matric to get into the desired degree, or anything at all, based on three essential pillars: attitude, skills and work rate. These are workshopped on flipcharts and worksheets in the real world and in breakaway rooms on Zoom virtually, and then built into 3D models with Duplo (each participant has a set of six specific blocks to work with – if done virtually, Success Cube™ sets will be delivered to participants beforehand).

Participants get to put their models through strength and stress tests helping them to see where and how they need to shift their attitude, skills and work rate in order to succeed. Using a simple scoring methodology they get to see where they are now, and what they need to do to get to where they want to be. The buy-in is extraordinary due to the multi-sensory, interactive nature of the Success Cube™ concept that is designed to distill real world experience, cutting through the overwhelm of information, ideas and words, shifting participants to take action.

The Success Cube™ concept was pioneered by Mark Hosking who has used it internationally to build successful teams in companies around the world who are focused on achieving their goals.

Individual 2 hour Success Cube coaching sessions available with Nikki Bush for adults (in their personal or professional capacity), high school learners, graduates and more. Whatever Success Journey/goal you have in mind, we can work it through to create your own, unique Success Recipe.

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