Surviving The Teen Roller Coaster

A Talk for Parents of 13-year olds & up


Being a parent of a tween or teen is a roller coaster ride. The question is: are you laying on the tracks being run over by your teen, or are you sitting beside them in the rollercoaster cart with your arms in the air going woohoo?

If you would like to create more workable ways to connect and find the win-win sweet spot in your relationship, then join us for this interactive workshop.

Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert has teamed up with seasoned Transformational Trainer and Coach, Savannah Sefor and feisty Lola, a 16-year old teen to put together this unique teen parenting workshop. A journey to a different way of seeing your teen beyond lazy, entitled, moody, self-centred, troubled and complex. We’ll help you to parent your teen without putting out their fire or losing your mind, guiding you to step into a new way of relating to each other and being together.

Savannah, Lola and Nikki are a dynamic threesome who will help you to investigate:

  • What are your triggers and why?
  • How to manage yourself and mind your own business.
  • Your opinion belongs to you. How to share without manipulation.
  • Letting go of expectation. Supporting your teen to be themselves.
  • Listening to hear, not to respond.
  • Stop trying to be cool!
  • Ambiguous messaging – saying what you really mean.
  • Creating a safe communication environment.
  • Agreements and responsibilities.
  • Choices, actions and consequences.
  • Conversations that matter vs speeches that don’t.
  • Staying on the moment that you’re on.
  • Confronting your own limitations and owning up to them.
  • Fairness within the family structure.
  • Letting go to let grow
  • Social media
  • Sexuality and more

The Teen Roller Coaster Workshop was phenomenal. So real, so relevant. It was so empowering to hear from a teen as well as from a mom of boys and a mom of girls. The insights were crystal clear, challenged my perceptions and helped me to rethink my approach to my three teens. The practical tools have been invaluable to our family and we implemented them straight away. We have been able to create a safe space for honest communication, I have become aware of how I was over-parenting and the aggro between us is dissolving by the day as we learn to do the teen-parent dance better, together.

Wendy Blumenthal, mom of three teens

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