Titanium Woman

To help you thrive and grow through the roller coaster of life

Nikki Bush - Titanium Woman

As a woman, you need a titanium backbone to help you thrive and grow through the roller coaster of life. It doesn’t mean you have to be hard as nails and cold as steel. Rather, you are strength like silk, disguised in softness.

What are the building blocks of Titanium Woman that will help you to ride, but not control, the untamable forces of life? Nikki Bush will share her walk and her wisdom, while drawing out stories and lessons from the audience.

This Rich and Informative Talk Will Explore:

  • How feminine guilt can make you so manipulable
  • How to make yourself more supportable
  • Why handing responsibility back where it belongs will save you in the long run
  • How to temper the need to be needed, to rescue, to fix, with the art of holding space
  • How to fill your cup – you can’t keep pouring from an empty one
  • The power of peace of mind to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How financial empowerment gives you freedom of choice
  • The discipline of the debit order to pay your future-self
  • Giving your time and attention direction including saying yes or no, and creating boundaries
  • Whose permission or affirmation are you waiting for?

Hi Nikki. Thanks so very much. Your webinar was so inspirational and from the feedback we can see that our members of Simplybiz (powered by Nedbank) loved it. As a business owner and parent, I was really inspired by your webinar for a variety of reasons – the world will never be the same again and I can’t control everything, so I will embrace the new possibilities and opportunities around me and use this to my advantage; there is more collateral beauty in my life than collateral damage, and I can find the surprise in every day and be grateful; and lastly, what I do and how I act now matters (especially in front of my children and staff) and this is the time for strong and decisive leadership.

Michela Gordon, Group Managing Director, Javelin Advertising & Marketing

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