WHEN ‘What If’™ Happens?

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What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

No-one’s life unfolds in a straight line, either professionally or personally. Disruption or ‘what if’ moments are part of the human condition. We all experience ‘what if’ moments in very different and sometimes profound ways. How prepared are you, practically and emotionally, to cope should a ‘what if’ moment happen to you?

As Nikki Bush shares her story of six tragic minutes that changed her life forever, you will be moved to get your practical affairs in order and to lay emotional foundations for resilience and resourcefulness now, that will stand you in good stead should you experience a ‘what if’ moment of any kind.

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Nikki Will Share:

  • The six minutes that changed her life
  • How loss and trauma impacted:
    • Her brain
    • Her body
    • Her brand and business
    • Her family
  • Dealing the death
  • The importance of rituals
  • Challenges she has faced
  • What she has learnt
  • Her comma or full stop analogy to re-framing and re-authoring her life
  • A blueprint for how to be ‘mission-ready’ for when a ‘what if’ moment strikes

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Nikki tells her powerful, earth shattering, and defining story brilliantly. The journey she takes us on is filled with insights, emotion, and candour. I heartily recommend her as an inspiring keynote speaker and facilitator.

Ian Hatton, Global Online Keynote Speaker

I had the pleasure of hearing Nikki speak in South Africa at the PSA convention where she was one of the keynote speakers. I was blown away by her courage and vulnerability, sharing her personal story. I can not recommend Nikki enough as a speaker who will motivate and inspire any audience

Madeleine Black, The Courage Cultivator

Nikki speaks with power, authenticity and vulnerability. She had the audience hanging on her every word as she revealed insights and ideas that can positively help anyone. This isn’t someone who read things in a book – this is someone with real life deep experience and wisdom. An awe inspiring lady.

Caspar Craven, The High Performance Teamwork Specialist / Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Nikki is a captivating, honest and brave speaker who is the consummate professional who will enhance any event. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Roger Harrop, The CEO Expert

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