To be better able to help clients and customers with the wrapping up of a life.

Presentation: You Don’t Have a Script for Death – Get One!

Media personality, speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush has been at the sharp end of financial and legal service providers, as well as call centre operators, after tragically losing her husband in a home invasion in late 2017. Wrapping up a life is something everyone will have to do at some stage and. Nikki’s recounting of her experiences shines a light on customer service, or lack thereof, and the very limited understanding service providers have of how to deal with traumatised and grief-stricken clients.

Nikki will share:

  • How loss and trauma impacted:
    • Her brain
    • Her body
    • Her brand
    • Her business
    • Her finances
  • Challenges she has faced legally, financially and practically
  • Some good customer service experiences
  • Some not so good customer service experiences
  • Understanding traumatised clients and why you need to change your response
  • How she advises other people on how to be ‘mission-ready’ for when a ‘what if’ moment strikes

Talk Length: 45 – 60 mins to fit in with your event
Talk Type: Keynote
Audience: Financial, wealth and legal service providers and call centre owners/managers

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