When we lose control of our carefully-constructed reality, that’s when the reinvention gap appears. When we are stopped in our tracks, that’s when we might hear the invitation to dance differently with life. And that call is, believe it or not, a gift.

If we are willing to take the reinvention gap, to question, to let go, to embrace, to surrender and to birth something new, what disrupted us may actually save us from a half-lived life. It pushes us on the path to self-discovery and growth; to taking responsibility for leading ourselves.

COVID-19 is being referred to as The Great Reset or The Great Pause – a time to revisit and evaluate what is important to us, what is really essential.

Let’s not forget that life before the pandemic was not perfect. We complained a lot about stress, being overwhelmed by choices, time spent commuting to work, lack of quality time with loved ones, long working hours and so much more.


Disruption has provided us with a reinvention gap if we want to take it. We have a choice whether to take it or not. If we do, we can reinvent and re-author our lives. If we don’t then we will probably just keep complaining and feeling like a victim.

Life is uncertain. It doesn’t unfold in a straight line, no matter how hard we try to ‘get it right’. We buy products and services to help us hedge ourselves against uncertainty and still, we have no control over what comes next.

Life remains a mystery: a series of challenges and problems to be solved;  opportunities to turn chaos into order, and failures into successes; opportunities to create a meaningful life.

How curious are you about the ever-changing nature of life? In an era of disruption (the likes of which we, as a generation, have never known) you are probably thinking: “I could do with a little less change, actually!”

Let alone external change that is forced on you by pandemics, political upheaval, technology, climate change and more, you also have to contend with everyday changes in your personal life, health and relationships too. Life’s definitely not for sissies!

When the security of a full-time job disappears, taking with it our dudu blanket; or the band aid that was holding a shaky relationship together is ripped off; or the bottom falls out of your life when you suffer some kind of massive loss or tragedy: that’s when you see how resilient, flexible and adaptable you really are.

Uncertainty, not being able to predict or control the future, and constant change most definitely increase levels of fear and anxiety. This comes from our need to control the status quo as much as we can. But, what if we are prepared to take the reinvention gap and are courageous and curious enough to entertain another way and new possibilities?

The answer is that if you are willing to sit with the discomfort for a while, and you learn to dance with disruption, you will discover windows and doors that you never knew were there before.

My book, Future-proof Yourself, covers this topic in detail. You can get a copy in all good bookstores or from www.nikkibush.com.


  • Are you stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone?
    • In my direct selling career (my second career of three), the very inspirational CEO of the company, Eleonor Scott (now executive coach) used to say, “If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.” And she was so right.
    • Richard Branson has this to say: “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.”
  • If you don’t get the promotion you want, is there a sideways move that could give you a different experience or help you to acquire some additional skills you wouldn’t have otherwise? Can you see it?
  • Regularly ask yourself these questions:
    • Am I becoming more valuable and employable in my current job/position?
    • What am I learning here that may be useful in the future?
  • What is it that I need to do to bridge a skill or knowledge gap that I have identified?
    • It may not be that you have to learn anything: it may be that you need to buy-in those skills.


  • Personally and as families, we love stability and comfort. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone (ask me, we lived in the same house for 23 years and went to the same place on holiday every year too). Look at how change and disruption can open the door to:
    • Living in a different place
    • Semigration to coastal and rural towns is becoming popular as people have discovered that working remotely is possible
    • I moved to a different suburb across town recently, and it makes you think and feel different – it agitates your brain, getting you out of a rut
  • How is your relationship working for you?
    • If it isn’t, have you addressed it with open conversation, counselling, going on a course together (eg. Imago, Family Constellation). It’s amazing how our relationships can show where we need to do work on ourselves and it doesn’t have to end in a break up.
    • Even good relationships need tending and work or they will go stale.

Reinvention gaps apply to every aspect of your life. Are you courageous and brave enough to take a look? Do my Collateral Damage vs Collateral Beauty exercise to help you gain perspective and see the possibilities and opportunities that may reveal themselves as a result of the gift of disruption.

Much love,
Nikki Bush
Human Potential and Parenting Expert helping you to win at work and life

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