fair ladyAs a parenting expert, I know that homework can be a hot potato in many homes. Is homework a hot potato in your home? At the end of a busy day school going children and their parents are faced with the challenge of homework that generally has to be done in limited time and under great pressure. It can get in the way of parent and their children and has the potential to take away a child’s love of learning.

  • Do kids need homework?
  • What’s the point of homework?
  • Are there alternatives to homework?
  • Is homework old-fashioned?

Read this insightful parenting article about the homework debate in the June issue of Fair Lady magazine for which I was a major contributor. You can click here to read the article.

If your school has a novel approach to homework, I would love to hear about it. Do drop me a line at nikki@0cb.ab6.myftpupload.com

Nikki Bush is a parenting expert in South Africa. Read more parenting advice here.