Nikki Bush chats with master storyteller Rob Caskie about the importance of storytelling in disruptive times. Storytelling done well provides inspiration as well as analogies and insights. Rob’s international career spans five continents from boardrooms to stages, from ocean liners to the battlefields of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Even online you will find Rob regaling his audiences in his trademark shorts and his storytelling stick. Rob is also an inductee in the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa Speaker Hall of Fame 2019. For more info visit  or

The conversation covers:

  • The power of story
  • Leadership matters
  • Lessons for disruption
  • Keeping disruption in perspective
  • Being responsive
  • Preparing for the long haul

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”

Rob Caskie,  Story Teller, Keynote Speaker and  Cultural Guide.

“Man must shape himself to new circumstances immediately the old ones change

Ernest Shackleton, Anglo-Irish Antarctic explorer

“Idle minds and idle words are a very dangerous combination and we need to work hard at trying to remain positive and keeping our minds and bodies and emotions active and fit, so they can assist us in dealing with the times and challenges we are facing”

Rob Caskie, Story Teller, Keynote Speaker and Cultural Guide

“In these difficult times, that we face, extraordinary outcomes often arise from the actions of single human beings. We need to take control, be positive, look ahead with great positivity and realise that we really are in control of our own destiny”

Rob Caskie, Story Teller, Keynote Speaker and Cultural Guide.

“Don’t complain about the darkness if you haven’t lit a candle”

Rob Caskie, Story Teller, Keynote Speaker and Cultural Guide.

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