Historically, Women’s Day carries enormous significance regarding both levelling the playing fields for women in society, while at the same time fighting against the injustice of Apartheid (the Pass Laws in particular).

On 9 August each year we honour what the women who went before us managed to achieve against all odds. Imagine gathering 100 000 signatures from around the country for a petition against the Pass Laws? This was an extremely manual process back then, done under the auspices of the Federation for South African Women (FEDSAW).

They then mobilised 20 000 women to march to the Union Buildings to deliver the signatures – probably under great threat to their personal safety.   What a commitment!

Women’s Day should be a reminder to recommit ourselves in ways both big and small to continuing to fight for gender equality ensuring equal rights socially, politically, professionally and personally.

When women gather together to fight for a cause or to support those in need, they can be a formidable force, whether they do so on a large national scale or closer to home. We can always make an impact and create ripples of change wherever we may find ourselves.

What are you standing up for this year as an individual woman? How about a cause, or maybe your own personal development so that you can empower even more women moving forward?

And if you are a company, how are you inspiring and motivating the women in your organisation or in your wider community to take greater control and responsibility for their own development?

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