5 jackets 1 The role of women in development in South Africa, socially and economically, has certainly been scrutinised as well as celebrated since the dawn of National Women’s Day. Anyone familiar with Women’s Day will know that it is a reminder of the day when 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to hand over a petition protesting against the Pass Laws and demanding equal rights and better treatment of women. The day is commemorated on the 9th of August each year since 1959 and reminds us that by providing women with equal rights, improved education, opportunities for labour force participation and an increase in earning opportunity, socio-economic development in the community and country is boosted.

Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams set a fine example of the important role women have in the social and economic development of South Africa. Lillian and her partners were actually in attendance at the 1959 Women’s Day march and it was Lillian’s suggestion for the crowd to remain completely silent outside the Union Buildings for 30 minutes before the crowd dispersed singing ‘Nkosi Sikelel‘ iAfrika’, at the end of the march. Lillian was the first women to be elected to the executive committee of the African National Congress, and also helped launch the Federation of South African Women.

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The story of Lillian and her fellow marchers is an inspiration to all women of SA. Their strength and courage show us how powerful and focused women can make a difference in the social and economic development of the country.

Keeping women in SA feeling empowered, inspired and motivated is as important in private homes as it is in the workplace. With the upcoming National Women’s Day on the 9th of August, you might be considering Women’s Day celebrations. Hiring Nikki Bush, an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable motivational speaker, you can ensure that your workforce feels motivated, inspired and entertained on their special day. Nikki Bush is offering Women’s Day talks designed for the following:

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  • Overcoming challenges and learning new coping mechanisms.
  • Stress management and learning how to tap into new potential.
  • Empowerment of teams.

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