About The X-Factor is you!

Talk suitable for Learners in grades 11 and 12.

The future is no longer predictable – it’s going to be a roller coaster adventure filled with new challenges and incredible possibilities the world has never seen before.

Approximately 60% of the jobs our learners will do have not yet been invented and many of the jobs and skills in the world of work today are on their way to becoming obsolete or will morph and change into something entirely different in the not too distant future.

In this presentation, creative parenting expert, speaker and author, Nikki Bush will inspire and challenge learners to dig deep to become young adults of substance who understand the rules of this new game of possibility so that they can forge their own unique path into the exciting world of the future.

The bottom line is that they need to strive to achieve the best qualifications they can get to open doors, but ultimately ‘who they are’ will be the best determinant of their success in the world of work and life in general. They are their own biggest X-factor!