The importance of women in the workplace and society is simply undeniable – they are indispensable. If you are looking for ways to empower and inspire the women in your workplace or in your business, you need to have empowerment goals to work towards. Below are a few female empowerment goals and tips which will help your business to succeed:

  • Create an environment where it is safe to fail. As the new world of work unfolds an important aspect of leadership today is to risk failure by allowing employees to implement or try new ideas even if they fail. There is much to be learnt from failure – it may just be the beginning of the next big idea. Top companies around the world such as 3M, Google and Facebook actually allocate time during the work week for innovation for it is the lifeblood of business today.
  • Group collective mentoring programmes provide women provide group sessions that improve leadership skills through sharing experiences, working through activities together and providing challenging feedback. Group mentoring helps the business to benefit from talent pooling, better communication and a positive work ethos.
  • Reward self-improvement as women in leadership roles have just as much potential to stagnate as they do to succeed. When people are in a rut or treading water, they often don’t realise it which is why procedures need to be in place to track the development and achievements of each individual employee. Encourage them to constantly seek to better their personal best and reward them for it.

Women empowerment with the help of Nikki Bush

Women are powerful leaders when they feel inspired, appreciated and motivated. There are various ways to motivate your workforce – hiring a motivational speaker is one of them.

Nikki Bush is a motivational and inspirational speaker who provides talks to women to help them renew their self esteem and feel focused and ready for the challenge once more. In Nikki’s unique play-based team building workshop, Get Outta Your Head, delegates are encouraged to risk failure in order to connect with each other, break down barriers, to share and to succeed. To book Nikki Bush to give your workforce a talk, contact us today.