INA_PIC In South Africa, gender equality has been a hot topic for many years and it is through successful women in business and leadership roles, that the country has learned what gender equality and equal rights for women is all about. If you aspire to a leadership role as a woman, while constantly juggling all your other roles, you will need motivation and inspiration. Below we have listed three South Africa women in business who serve as role models for many, who may just inspire you:

  • Khanyi Dhlomo – Khanyi was listed as one of Africa’s most successful business women in 2011. She was South Africa’s first black newscaster for SABC1 in 1995. She aspired to work in the editorial field and soon found an opening at True Love Magazine which is one of the most supported women magazines in the country. At the age of just 22, Khanyi had worked her way up the ladder and became the new editor of True Love Magazine where she worked hard to get to know her readers and subsequently doubled the circulation of the publication. Just a few years later, Khanyi founded Ndalo Media which is a joint venture with Media 24. There’s no stopping Khanyi as she continues to grow and expand her business. When we talk of women in leadership, Khanyi always comes to mind.
  • Ina Paarman – you might have seen sauces, salad dressings and recipes in local stores featuring the Ina Paarman brand       These were created by Ina and have become a much loved and respected brand in South Africa and now in 15 countries around the world.. Born and raised with a passion for cooking, Ina started out as a home economics teacher and adapted her skills when she started her company in her garage. Ina Paarman’s success story took hard work, dedication and passion and she has been a true inspiration for many entrepreneurs.
  • Colleen Larsen from Business Engage. Colleen organised the third annual Gender Mainstreaming Awards which forms part of the exciting Business Engage initiative. Business Engage is at the forefront of SME assistance and development and the empowerment of women. The aim of Business Engage is to enable individuals (both men and women) and companies to maximise their growth and profits through its diverse offerings that include networking, mentorship, training, collaboration, entrepreneurship development and support. The awards were held on the 25th of August in Gauteng and Colleen was an integral part of the project.

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