Tick-Tock: Reframing Head, Heart and the Clock

Insights and tools to help women achieve greater success and satisfaction in less time, with less stress.


Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?Women are caught in the traps of seeing time as linear instead of cyclical, of valuing masculine qualities over the feminine and the idea that doing more will result in greater success. What if all of that is not true and we are chasing after the wind, leading to fatigue, depletion, and burnout?

Nikki Bush will share her colourful personal stories and challenges with time management, work-life integration, and unrealistic expectations as she inspires your audience to remember that they need time, self-care, and space to do their best work and show up as their best selves in every sphere of their lives. She will leave your audience with her trademark practical frameworks and solutions to enable them to win @ both work AND life.

This presentation will challenge assumptions and help your female audience to:

  • Release the burdens of false expectation (on themselves and each other)
  • Give themselves permission to place themselves first in terms of self-care, self-worth and self-compassion
  • Look inwardly for validation and affirmation
  • Listen to their own inner wisdom and guidance
  • Acknowledge and harness the power of cycles and seasons in their lives

Talk type : In person or Virtual

Duration : One hour (with option to add half hour for a panel discussion and Q & A)

Audience : Women of all ages and stages – employed, entrepreneurs, mothers, career women and more

Nikki is an excellent speaker and has the ability to make her audience feel connected to her. She is a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating of our needs. The webinars were highly inspiring, relatable and allowed the audience to reflect on important issues and aspects in their lives. The topics were perfect for our women’s day events and we received great feedback from our staff. She was the perfect way to celebrate our women during women’s’ month!

Natheera Noor Mohamed, Human Resources, Amazon

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