Gardening and leadership are twin passions of mine. There are so many lessons we can learn from gardening that we can put into practice for personal and professional growth, individually, and as a team. Gardening is a constant process, hence the term, The Constant Gardener. We all need to be constant gardeners to flourish and move in the direction of our goals and dreams, even in uncertain times.

My theme for 2022 is ‘flourish’ and I hope it resonates for you too. I am absolutely in love with this word! I love the way it sounds, the way it feels and I want to help you and your organisations to flourish at work and life, despite challenging circumstances.


  • The foundation of a healthy, flourishing garden starts with the quality and feeding of the soil. I call this ‘creating black gold’. This is all the hard work and investment of time you put into a team at work, or at home that no one else ever sees.
  • Once you have planted your plants, they need constant watering and feeding to continue to grow and flourish. Just like people, they don’t flourish in a vacuum.
  • Gardening requires constant effort – the soil needs to be weeded and flowers deadheaded. As you cut fresh flowers, more will grow. Then you need to prune shrubs and roses annually to make way for new fresh growth in the next season.
  • Sometimes plants get TOO big or the garden becomes overcrowded that you need to remove plants or split and divide them, just like a cumbersome team, to make space for growth.

And so the cycle continues in tandem with the seasons. There is a time for everything, and for everything, there is a season. We need to pay attention and do the work.


  • You are the Constant Gardener in your professional life
  • You are the Constant Gardener if you are leading a team
  • What weeding, pruning and feeding do you need to do?
  • I have two new talks that connect to the theme of flourishing:
    • Flourishing Through Uncertainty
    • Creating Happy Juice for Teams


  • You are the Constant Gardener in your personal life
  • You are the Constant Gardener as a parent
  • What weeding, pruning and feeding do you need to do?

Gardening, leading (yourself or a team), and parenting really do have so much in common. My clients really appreciate my unique and unusual ability to straddle the two worlds of professional and personal development. I can help your organisation too.


Every one of my talks is designed to help you and your team to flourish.

Contact me at info@ and let’s start a conversation about how I can help you and your organisation to flourish this year.

Much love,
Nikki Bush
Human Potential and Parenting Expert helping you to win at work and life

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