Positive parenting advice: while you might be tempted to give your child the latest electronic toy or game station on the market, perhaps it’s better to take a step back and consider what the real options are. Simply buying what your child says is the next best thing might not be the best idea for your child and his or her development. Toys form an integral part of a child’s developing years.

The decisions you make now will shape and form how your child grows, understands things and interacts. It’s best to make an informed decision. Does it seem impossible to just know what to buy? Understanding what’s best for your child in terms of your child’s healthy physical, cognitive and social development can be overwhelming and that’s why so many people turn to the professional advice and guidance of Nikki Bush.

Nikki Bush is a parenting expert and motivational speaker, who pays close attention to the toy industry, each and every month. She has her finger on the pulse of the latest toy trends, but that’s not all. The fact that she is an educational toy designer, toy judge and bestselling author of various positive parenting books makes Nikki and authority in the field. She can provide you with a short list of the best toy options for children of various ages and this list will certainly prove useful this gifting season and for upcoming birthdays and similar celebrations. Where can you get Nikki’s advice? Book yourself a ticket to Toy Talk 2015!

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Toy Talk is a parenting workshop or motivational talk presented by Nikki Bush in Gauteng in November each year. This 3 hour parenting workshop will teach you everything you need to know about the type of toys that your child will enjoy and will be good for their development. At Toy Talk, Nikki will make Christmas, birthday and celebration shopping a great deal easier. Don’t rush out to the toy store to simply buy the lasted gadget or Barbie – get Nikki’s professional positive parenting advice first.

To learn more about Toy Talk and to get your hands on Nikki Bush’s short list for toys this year, book tickets to Toy Talk or contact us today. Watch this video to find out why parents recommend Toy Talk with Nikki Bush.