Toy Talk on 702: Cake Splat From Zuru and Pie Face From Hasbro

Great holidays are characterised by lots of laughter. Cake Splat from Zuru and Pie Face from Hasbro are different versions of the same hilarious game filled with fun and suspense. There’s really not much to this simple game but there is lots of laughter as players turn the handles the number of times shown on the dice or the spinner. With whipped cream or shaving cream on the throwing arm it’s anyone’s guess when the trigger will release it the arm splatting the player in the face. It’s the randomness of the game that creates the tension and suspense.

If you want to introduce scoring and risk management to the game, do the following:

  1. If you complete your turn without getting hit with whipped cream, you score double the points on the spinner or dice.
  2. If you do get hit then you score no points.
  3. You can elect to have a partial turn, turning the handles fewer times that the number shown on the dice or spinner. You have to announce immediately after spinning how many times you will turn the handles.
  4. If you don’t get pie-faced you score a point for each time you turned the handles
  5. If you do get pie-faced you score zero Here are some pictures from brave Toy Talk delegates who volunteered to play Cake Splat with us.

pie_face_game_image splat-game










Click here for some hilarious video footage from Toy Talk 2016 with Cake Splat Click here for some hilarious video footage of a dad and son playing Pie Face


Reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk.

Selected for Nikki’s Bush’s highly recommended short list for Toy Talk 2016.


Age category: 5 – 99 years

Price: Cake Splat R179.95

Pie Face R379.95

Brand: Cake Splat (Zuru) Pie Face (Hasbro)

Distributor: Pie Face (Hasbro)

Retail outlets: All large toy retailers





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